What if? A Bakers Dozen

What if…

  1. teachers had to pay for textbooks just like their students do, semester after semester, year after year?
  2. schools spent as much money on professional development to use new technology as they did on the technology itself?
  3. teachers were asked to pass the exams they had to take when they were in high school?
  4. school employees were given grades on their performance evaluations of A-F, just like students?
  5. teachers were asked to spend 10% of their day innovating?
  6. schools had a profit sharing plan based on reducing their use of paper and toner, saving power, reducing carbon emissions, and conserving water?
  7. we spent a day, or a week, without using email?
  8. there weren’t subject matter departments or grade levels?
  9. each class met out-of-doors at least once a week?
  10. faculty and staff swapped jobs for a day?
  11. what if new faculty were given a reduced teaching load their first year?
  12. what if there were no “front” to a classroom?
  13. you laid all of the sacred cows to rest.
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