What If? Another Baker’s Dozen

What if…

  1. school superintendents or heads of school could be paid no more than 3x that of the lowest paid school employee?
  2. someone designed a school from the ground up having never set foot in one before?
  3. the ratio of students to teachers was no more than three to one?
  4. educators were free of all copyright or patent restrictions?
  5. teachers, students, and parents regularly visited one another’s homes?
  6. if school administrators were elected by the faculty?
  7. no school could house more than four hundred students?
  8. students called teachers by the first names?
  9. teachers were not allowed to use PowerPoint, Keynote, Impress or similar presentation tools?
  10. mastery was the important variable for student learning instead of time on task?
  11. faculty and staff had to demonstrate current knowledge and skills in their field very few years?
  12. faculty and staff could take fitness classes along with the students?
  13. college of education professors had to regularly teach in K-12 schools?
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