OSHA, EPA, and Independent Schools – Part 5

This is the fifth of a series of six posts regarding important OSHA or EPA rules that apply to independent schools.

Job Hazard Analysis, Injury and Illness Protection, and Personal Protective Equipment

Job Hazard Analysis
Job hazards exist in every occupation, and employers are obliged to mitigate hazards wherever possible. While OSHA does not mandate the use of a job hazard analysis program per se, it is obvious that its use as a tool will lead to the safe practices that OSHA does require.

To comply with job safety regulations, employers should conduct a job hazard analysis, the purpose of which it to identify potential hazards, provide safe practices training to employees, install safety equipment, prevent the use of unsafe equipment (tag and lockout procedures), and provide employees with a means to report violations to authorities.

Injury and Illness Protection
Having identified potential hazards, OSHA wants employers to take the steps to prevent on-the-job injuries and illness. These regulations are the result of certain employers (mining, for example) who risked the lives of their employees to increase corporate profits. OSHA 1910.
This is the fifth of a series of six posts regarding important OSHA or EPA rules that apply to independent schools.

Personal Protective Equipment
“OSHA requires the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce employee exposure to hazards when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible or effective in reducing these exposures to acceptable levels. Employers are required to determine if PPE should be used to protect their workers.”  (http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/personalprotectiveequipment/)

To comply with this regulation schools must provide PPE at no cost to employees. In schools, this would routinely include safety glasses, gloves for outdoor work or rubber gloves for handling bloodborne pathogens or other hazardous and infectious materials, and respiratory masks when dealing with airborne chemicals.


Helpful Documents
Forms for Reporting Workplace Injury, OSHA

Guide to Developing Your Workplace Injury & Illness Prevention Program, CalOSHA

Illness and Injury Prevention Programs, OSHA

Illness and Injury Prevention Whitepaper, OSHA

Job Hazard Analysis, OSHA

Personal Protective Equipment, OSHA


Example Policies
Injury & Illness Prevention Model Program For Non-High Hazard Employers, CalOSHA

Sample Personal Protective Equipment Policy, Michigan Municipal Workers’ Compensation Fund

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